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Consistent Daily Weighing Important of Cardiac Patients
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Consistent Daily Weighing Important of Cardiac Patients In almost all parts of the world, cardiac-related problems are one of the most leading causes of death (Windale, 2010). The term cardiac problems often connote a deadly disease, silent killer and/or a type of illness related to diabetes, stroke and coronary heart disease. Studies conducted reveal that chronic heart failure and other forms of cardiac disorders account for high hospitalization and high mortality rate (Bushnell, 1992). According to Windale (2010), the three most prevalent types of cardiac problems, which are based from the World Health Organization statistics, are in the form of diabetes, heart failure and coronary artery diseases. People from various countries suffer from this threatening problem, and it often manifests in the form of angina or chest pains. Windale pointed out that such disorder is associated with cultural lifestyle of various nations (2010). Patients with cardiac problems often seem to have lowered functional and physical impairment, decreased quality of life (QoL), increased caregiver responsibilities, especially during hospitalizations (Remme & Swedberg, 2001). Increased hospitalizations for cardiac patients are one of the results of the problem. However, compliance to intervention strategies often poses a greater problem for the healthcare community. Such intervention strategies done by the healthcare team can optimize the quality of healthcare services and provision of care to patients. Daily weighing of cardiac patients is one important intervention strategy to monitor the fluid volume intake and output of the patients. This type of management is usually done whether ordered by the physician or not. Analyzing the importance of daily weighing or cardiac...

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