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Dana Jennings's Essay 'Whose Body Is This?'

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In Dana Jennings reflection essay “Our Scars Tell the Stories of Our Lives”, he discusses the significance and the stories behind all of the scars on his body and how he sees them as “personal runes and conversation starters” (143). While in contrast, Katherine Haines’s essay “Whose Body Is This?” talks about how society holds these unrealistic expectations for how women should be skinny and basically have the perfect body all the time. And surprisingly enough to her, women are actually trying to achieve and maintain these expectations. One of Dana Jennings’s main point that he continually reiterated throughout his entire essay was that our scars tell our stories. We shouldn’t be afraid or embarrassed of them, but rather embrace them because …show more content…
By sharing his own personal stories about his scars and how he got them, he encourages other people who have scars and imperfections of their own, to embrace to. He encourages people by telling them how he sees his own scars and how he has learned to cope with the looks and questions he gets about them. He also argued that even though our scars are all “…potential tales of woe…scars are also signposts of optimism.” (144). Throughout his essay, he uses more emotional appeal than anything. He appeals to people’s emotions by describing, in detail, how he got most of his scars and what they mean to him. This helps people sympathize and even empathize with him. Also he uses emotional appeals to encourage his readers. He does this by saying, “If your body is game enough to knit itself back together after a hard physical lesson, to make scar tissue that means you’re still alive, means you’re on the path toward healing.” (144). This could be a message of encouragement to someone who has scars all the way from medical procedures to scars from

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