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Dangers of Eating Late at Night

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In an article recently published in the New York Times titled, “The Dangers of Eating Late at Night,” the author, Jamie A. Koufman, correlates the booming epidemic of acid reflux with night-time eating. With reported acid reflux cases growing 500 percent since the 1970’s, Koufman delineates on what may be contributing to the increase of these incidents. Poor diet with the consumption of sugary, fat and processed foods, combined with eating late at night are what scientist believe to be the main culprit of this condition. When we eat a big mean then lay down to sleep, gravity allows the contents of our stomach to rest at the bottom of our esophagus before the food can ever be digested. This condition can lead people to be at higher risks for esophageal cancer, as well as be the basis of acid reflux in nearly 40 percent of Americans.

Although this article encompasses some of the authors opinion, the implementation of various factual studies give the article many elements of an informative passage. Language that portrays a clear sense of opinion is when Koufman compares our eating habits (without evidence) to Europeans. “In my experience,” Koufman says, “Europeans have fewer cases of reflux than we do, even though many of them still eat late.” Along with some opinionated sentiments, Koufman validates many of her opinions through research backed by undeniable data. While discussing how acid reflux medication alone does not control the disease, Koufman cites a Danish study in saying: “There has yet to be found any [sustained] reflux prohibiting properties in the use of common anti-reflux medications.” Koufman’s ability to delineate her opinion then follow it with evidence supported by fact, make this article more intriguing than it would've been otherwise.

Through the ease at which the article displays information without compromising its easy to read flow make it a fantastic piece. An example of this is when Koufman introduces a problem then immediately answers it in saying “The answer is our poor diet…” She also interests the reader by introducing real life encounters she’s had with patients through her career as a doctor. “A New Yorker with reflux came to see me because both her father and uncle died of esophageal cancer and she was afraid of getting it,” she writes. After hearing the dietary changes needed to be made “[The patient] listened, and did not come back to see me for a year, showing no more signs of any risk factors.” By way of Koufman’s writing approach, the reader is always engaged, never feeling confused by the material or remotely disinterested.

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