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Dark Orange Psychology

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I identified several themes and crafted a color scheme to code them: traumatic experience of wars and disrupted childhood (red); meager and disrupted educational opportunities (Dark Orange); language barriers, acculturation issues (Blue); discrimination in school and social settings/Xenophobia (Pink); looking back and unending refugee experience (Purple); Higher education equals better future and provide ways to help others (Yellow); lack of proper accommodations, quality instructions, and adult supervisions ( Light Orange); what surprised me (Green). From here, I proceeded to count the number of times each of the participants mentioned something that fit in one of the categories. Moreover, I found a few associations between variables: gender,...

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...University of Miami Scholarly Repository Management Faculty Articles and Papers Management 1-1-2013 Team leadership: The Chilean Mine Case Terri A. Scandura University of Miami, Monica M. Sharif Recommended Citation Scandura, Terri A. and Sharif, Monica M., "Team leadership: The Chilean Mine Case" (2013). Management Faculty Articles and Papers. Paper 13. This Book Chapter is brought to you for free and open access by the Management at Scholarly Repository. It has been accepted for inclusion in Management Faculty Articles and Papers by an authorized administrator of Scholarly Repository. For more information, please contact Scandura, T.A. & Sharif, M.M. (In Press). Team leadership: The Chilean mine case. In C.M. Giannantonio & A.E. Hurley-Hanson (Eds.), Extreme Leadership: Leaders, Teams and Situations Outside the Norm (pp. XX-XX). Northampton, MA: Edward Edgar Publishing. TEAM LEADERSHIP: THE CHILEAN MINE CASE TERRI A. SCANDURA Department of Management School of Business Administration University of Miami Coral Gables, FL 33124 MONICA M. SHARIF Department of Management School of Business Administration University of Miami Coral Gables, FL 33124 1 Team Leadership: The Chilean Mine Case Terri A. Scandura & Monica M. Sharif University of Miami Introduction The world......

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