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Dashman Company Case

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— 55 — Research Note :



INTRODUCTION There lems, and plan. sion oped known On grasp tive are several alternative the risk methods plans, to grasp make prob-


make avoid In the making, by C.

a decision the decidevelis well

there is a gap between the "desirable state" or the goal, and the "actual situation"or the present state. And the present state is the result (output) of activities in the past and it includes not only actual output, but also forecasted output.
PROBLEM TYPES can be classified divide and the by various problem ways. patterns The are are

in case of problem method, and world. this

of implementing solving which B. and was

area KT

Kepner the hand,


all over the other

is also and

a method make alternaauthority


Problems We into former sometimes regular case

problems plan within

structually authority by

or beyond using the

non-regular whose causal

problems. strucuture relationships

in the This Sato,

organization method who

system by

chart. Prof I.

is problems and it

is originally has over devoted the

developed to the

known clear.

in advance We call

management paper, of we this

well-structured for them can can

problems. be decided auThe are

eductation would method. like

30 years. the

In this concept

Countermeasures tomatically latter not case clear.



if problems is problems We call

be identified. structures


it ill-structured for them can not

problems. be devised the

WHAT IS PROBLEMS? If there is a gap between


the goal or target

unless structure

information of problems cannot problems. types,

is processed clear. be analyzed

to make Because without

and the present state in the organization, and a matter to be solved, we call it a problem (Figure 1) . Figure 1 Problem

causal str-

relationships ucturing

As problem into three



be classified search and type are of

types, types.

namely, The


presume n Gap


of generate These problems

are problems that "given" or "visible" this type can and search and of these are

"have occurred." problems . The further

be divided achivement type problems can


deviation The "for The probthe probinto

Present State

problems. are problems "to find."

lems better"


In other


a problem






be divided


56 —Structuring improvement problems. blems lems The the problems can be divided problems problems The and reinforcement type are type prob2). 2 and are proof this (Figure Figure

Problems If we put zon, generate these type problems problems Search on the time exist from type problems And presume horithe exist type

of presume problems

"on the assumption" into further

past to the present. problems exist from

"to create." and avoidance

from the past to the future.


the present

to the future.


Three types of problems Deviation problems problems problems

Problems of generate type (Cause orientation type)Achievement Improvement Problems--Problems of search type (Both-side orientation type) Problems of presume type — Avoidance

Reinforcement problems Development problems problems

(Goal orientation PastPresentFuture


Present type

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