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Data Analysis

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Data Collection Analysis: ITT Technical Institute

Keller Graduate School of Management
Training and Development
Professor Robert Graver
February 23, 2014

Table of Contents
Overview of the Organization…..………………………………………………………………3
Executive Summary …………..………………………………………………………...…...…3,4
Analysis of Data Collected & Identified Training Need…………………………………..…4,5,6
Training or Intervention Strategy to Address the Needs…………………………………………8
Cost benefit analysis……………………………………………………………………………8,9

The ITT Technical Institutes is a leading private college system focused on technology-oriented programs of study. The seven schools of study at the ITT Technical Institutes [i.e., the School of Information Technology, the School of Drafting and Design, the School of Electronics Technology, the School of Business, the School of Criminal Justice, the School of Health Sciences and the Breckinridge School of Nursing] teach skills and knowledge that can be used to pursue employment opportunities in today’s world. There are over 140 ITT Technical Institutes in 38 states. ITT Technical Institutes predominantly offer career-focused, degree programs to over 70,000 students. The ITT Technical Institutes have been actively involved in the higher education community in the United States since 1969.
Executive Summary
ITT Technical Institute recruitment will be the main focus of the data analysis. The training needs assessment was performed on recruiters, director of recruitment, and campus director. The recruiters are the front end of the college of stability, which are enrollments versus sits. All of the recruiters have the same training, and the director recruitment and campus director have comparable trainings as the...

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