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Assignment 1a – Google Data Center

1. What is PUE, and why is it an important place to start when considering how to reduce data center power consumption? What value of PUE should data center managers strive for?

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a measure to determine the energy efficiency of a data center.

It is the ratio between the energy of the system and the energy of the IT equipment in the data center. TOTAL FACILITY ENERGY
PUE = --------------------------------------- IT EQUIPMENT ENERGY

It is the ratio of the energy supplied to the entire Data Center and the energy consumed by the IT equipment. Whether to feed the entire plant, we need twice the minimum required to own IT equipment, we have a PUE 2.
It allows to calculate the efficiency of the power supply and cooling IT equipment..
A PUE of 2.0 means that for every watt of IT power, an additional watt is consumed to cool and distributes power to the IT equipment.
A PUE of 1.0 is considered ideal.
A closer PUE of 1.0 means that almost all the energy is used to compute.
For use PUE to be effective, should be measured often. If you occasionally makes the information will not be realistic.
Ideally, measured as quickly and frequently as every second way. The higher the frequency, the more significant the results.

2. Describe the five methods recommended by Google for reducing power consumption.
• Measure Pue
To manage the efficiency of a data center must have the tools to measure the efficiency of energy use or PUE.
It is a value that calculates the efficiency of the power supply and cooling IT equipment
• Manage Airflow
Once you can measure the PUE to reduce the energy load of the data center must study the airflow. It is vital to remove the mixture of cold and hot air. Through...

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