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Ranking Baseball’s Best Ballparks
By: Nate Silver

Nate Silver conducted a research to evaluate and rank the nation’s ballparks. Nate used the web site to gather fan ratings of the ballparks. According to the data the highest average rating is 4.77 to the lowest rating of 3.02. Nate has included the standard deviation for each ballpark stating “the higher this number is, the more disagreement there is among fans as to the overall experience.” While comparing two ballparks in located in New York, the Mets’ Citi Field (4.05 stars) and the new Yankee stadium (3.92), he also finds that a new ballpark does not receive higher reviews.

This article demonstrates the variables to consider regarding the overall attendance such as the size and age of the stadium as well as the number of wins. According to the results of the article the top five ranked ballparks ranged widely in the size and age of the stadium and the number of wins. With the result of Nate’s findings we conclude that the status of a stadium or the team’s winning streak does not have an effect on attendance.

MLB Labor Deal Could Keep Ticket Sales Strong
By: Patrick Dunne

Patrick Dunne speaks about the stability of labor-management relationship in the sport of baseball. Baseball has had 21 years of labor peace. He states “The news no doubt pleases fans and ticket brokers who have grown weary of other leagues’ season-halting arguments between billionaires and millionaires.” The stability of baseball has increased attendance in the last eight years, reaching attendance records of more than 78 million fans. More than half the league saw an attendance increase from 2010 with nine teams drawing in more than 3 million fans. The average ticket price in 2011 is $26.91, just $0.31 increase from 2010 ticket prices, this being the smallest increase since 1991.

This article provides a briefing of the baseball’s attendance records. As ticket prices increase at a steady rate, fans are more likely to attend. We can then include ticket prices as a variable that has a direct effect on attendance.

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