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Harvard Business School Publishing Case Map for Horngren, Foster & Datar: Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis, 10th Edition (Prentice Hall)

This map was prepared by an experienced editor at HBS Publishing, not by a teaching professor. Faculty at Harvard Business School were not involved in analyzing the textbook or selecting the cases and articles. Every case map provides only a partial list of relevant items from HBS Publishing. To explore alternatives, or for more information on the cases listed below, visit:
Case Title Institution, HBSP Product Number, Length, Teaching Note Geographical and Industry Setting, Company Size, Time Frame Abstract, Key Subjects

PART ONE: COST ACCOUNTING FUNDAMENTALS Chapter 1: The Accountant’s Role in the Organization

Chapter 2: An Introduction to Cost Terms and Purposes Carver HBSP United States, Consulting Co. #199006 consulting, 10,000 7p employees, 1994

Daniel Dobbins Distillery, Inc.

HBSP #189065 7p TN #189172

Tennessee, liquor distillery, 1988

The managing partner of a relatively new consulting firm is concerned because training costs at the firm's new training center are higher than expected. Analysis of actual costs compared to those expected is required. In addition, he is considering capitalizing some training costs for later amortization. A management control system for the center is also a priority. A distiller increases whiskey production and income declines because of accounting methods in use. Questions are raised regarding the treatment of expenditures, which can be classified as production, inventory, or period costs. The necessary aging process raises added questions about prior period restatements and needed financing.

Chapter 3: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis HBSP New England, #100066 Web retailing, 5p 1999

Describes the underlying economics...

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