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Data Structure

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Question 1 Change the following infix expression postfix expression.

(A + B)*C+D/E-F

Question 2 Suppose a 3d array LA is declared using LA(3:8, -4:1, 6: 9), base(LA)=200, w=4. find loc of LA[2,-2,5]. (Row major order).

Question 3 Convert the expression (True && False) || !(False || True) to postfix expression. Show the contents of the stack at every step.

Question 4 Use a stack to evaluate the following postfix expression and show the content of the stack after execution of each operation. Don't write any code. Assume as if you are using push and pop member functions of the stack. AB-CD+E*+ (where A=5, B=3, C=5, D =4, and E=2)

Question 5 Evaluate the following postfix expression using a stack and show the contents of stack after execution of each operation : 50,40,+,18, 14,-, *,+

Question 6 Evaluate the following postfix expression using a stack and show the contents of stack after execution of each operation : TRUE, FALSE, TRUE, FALSE, NOT, OR, TRUE, OR, OR, AND

Question 7 Write a program for creating polynomial using linked list?

Question 8 Each node of a STACK contains the following information, in addition to required pointer field : i) Roll number of the student ii) Age of the student Give the structure of node for the linked stack in question TOP is a pointer which points to the topmost node of the STACK. Write the following functions. i) PUSH() - To push a node to the stack which is allocated dynamically ii) POP() - To remove a node from the stack and release the memory.

Question 9 Write a function in C to perform a DELETE operation in a dynamically allocated link list considering the following description :

struct Node { float...

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