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Proposal – Data Warehouse Inventory

What is data warehouse?
It’s a simple assembling of data gathered from various sources and available to the global customers in a way they can understand to their business level.

Statement of Problem: Our intention is to develop inventory application (User interface) so that client can easily track their warehouse. For creating interface we are using ETL and IBM Cognos.
Methods to solve problem: * Creating Database for customer * Extract transform and loading the data * Data Mapping * Creating Package from Framework Manager using IBM Cognos * Developing Interface using IBM Cognos Report Studio
Tools: IBM DB2, Informatica Power center, IBM Cognos 10.2
Resources: 3
Client: Volvo Trucks.
Software Development Life Cycle 1. Requirements 2. Design 3. Development 4. Testing 5. User Signoff

Requirements for data warehouse design:
A. Goals:
1. To design the flexible data warehouse as per the client requirements.
2. Get the raw data into the centralized repository so that the users can access it in a flexible manner.
3. We should make sure the data cannot be edited by the users.
B. Clients Requirements:
1. We need to get all the details of the client products available in their inventory.
2. We need to study the client environment and take down the end to end process.
C. Business Questions:
1. Need to discuss about the design duration.
2. Number of resource required for the project.
3. Cost of the project.
D. Data Requirements:
1. How can we access the client data?
2. Arrange couple of meetings with end users to understand the difficulties in using the data.
E. Design Constraints:
1. What level of security we are providing to the client data?
2. How do we extract and integrate the data into warehouse?
Signoff sheet signed by customer:
Once the end to end...

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