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Data Warehousing Case Study

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Description – This video course is about to provide knowledge, skills and understanding about Data Warehousing and how to apply this in emerging fields of big data and online data storage management.
Data Warehousing
Data Warehousing is more concerned with database administration in a computer based environment. Data Warehousing which is also known as enterprise data warehousing (EDW) is an efficient system to keep the inventory of data pertaining to different aspects of the organization which is ultimately use for reporting and data analysis. Data Warehousing is treated as the core component of business intelligence. It is the main repositories of integrated data from different departments of an organization or different sources (i.e. suppliers,
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Moreover, later on these repositories of the data provide an ease to businesses for making effective decisions. Data Warehousing video course is designed and developed by database experts and qualified professionals in a way that all learning takes place in self-explanatory manner.
Data Warehousing is a continual process of keeping the data by getting it from different departments such as marketing, sales, production, accounts or auditing etc. This data sometimes pass through further processes which are used to refine the data to make it more useable in Data Warehousing for reporting purpose. All the storage of data consists of electronic storage media which is backed by secure and reliable data management devices. The concept of data storage is not the new one but when we talk about Data Warehousing and storage in electronic format then it comes to know that it is originated in 1988 by the IBM researchers Barry Devlin and Paul Murphy. The need for Data Warehousing is increased with the increase use of computer systems and their evolution to become more complex for handling large scale data. The need for today’s business world is not just limited to storage of data. In fact, Data Warehousing is increasingly using in exploration and data mining for looking specific patterns and trends in the data that makes the businesses to forecast their future course of actions. Effective data storage and management has made the things possible what make the services like online traveling reservation systems and use of automated teller machines (ATM)

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