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Database Design Project 7

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Module 7 - Project 2

Your assignment is from the text.
• Complete Cases #65, 68, 69, 70, and 71 at the end of Chapter 7.
Your assignment must be submitted to the Dropbox no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

EliteVideo is a startup company providing concierge DVD kiosk service in upscale neighborhoods. EliteVideo can own several copies (VIDEO) of each movie (MOVIE). For example, the store may have 10 copies of the movie “Twist in the Wind”. “Twist in the Wind” would be one MOVIE and each copy would be a VIDEO. A rental transaction (RENTAL) involves one or more videos being rented to a member (MEMBERSHIP). A video can be rented many times over its lifetime, therefore, there is a M:N relationship between RENTAL and VIDEO. DETAILRENTAL is the bridge table to resolve this relationship. The complete ERD is provided in Figure P7.65.

65. Write the SQL code to create the table structures for the entities shown in Figure P7.65. The structures should contain the attributes specified in the ERD. Use data types that would be appropriate for the data that will need to be stored in each attribute. Enforce primary key and foreign key constraints as indicated by the ERD.

Num Mem_
Fname Mem_
Lname Mem_Street Mem_City Mem_
State Mem_Zip Mem_

Rent_Num Rent_Date Mem_Num

Rent_Num Vid_Num Detail_Fee Detail_Duedate Detail_Returndate Detail_Dailylatefee

Vid_Num Vid_Indate Movie_Num

Movie_Num Movie_Name Movie_Year Movie_Cost Movie_Genre Price_Code

Price_Code Price_Description Price_Rentfee Price_Dailylatefee

68. Write the SQL command to change the movie year for movie number 1245 to 2010.


69. Write the SQL command to change the price code for all Action movies to price code 3.

UPDATE Movie SET…...

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