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Database Environment Analysis

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SUBJECT: Library Database Environment
DATE: Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Analysis of the Database environment
This environment in which this database is based on is a seeks to look into a library setting and all attributes associated with a library. Basically a library contains documentation for reference, research and learning purposes with a variety of fields to look into. Some may also have archived materials that are still being used. Current libraries have a section where you can access materials like newspapers to catch up with news updates. This database will use a MYSQL environment to manage the data related to the library and Delphi in designing the interface
Problems and constraints
The existing library has a category of sections from which reference materials for research and learning can be obtained. Unfortunately no systematic sorting has been done to categorize books in each section. This makes it some worth difficult and time consuming to find a specific book of interest within the sections
Objectives of the database environment
The objectives of the database environment are enlisted below * Provide an all-in-one system for accessing reference materials * Develop a system that will store user details and item details * Create an easy to understand and friendly environment * Develop a system that can replace the manual library management system * Provide borrow and return records * Provide user access levels(i.e. Only Admin updates database records)
Scope and boundaries
The database scope and bounds will include: * The search module; this enables the user to search any material within the records of the database * The security module; the user must login with his/her credentials in order to access materials * Borrow item module; this will enable borrowing items from the library * Return item module; Users will have a section to shows returned items * Report module; this will shows the administrator the user activities like borrowing, returning, login/out activities * Department management module; allows administrator to search department by name, register, edit or delete department * Section management module; admin can search sections by name, add, edit or delete section * Topic management module; admin can search topic by name, add, edit or delete topic * Shelf management module; admin can search shelf by name, register a new shelf, edit shelf associated to section, edit department information and delete department information

List the data specifications
Attributes = student Id, Student first name, Student surname, Student course
Attributes = department code, department name, department faculty
Attributes = book code, book category, book name
Mishra, L. K., & Srivastava, V. (2008). Automation and networking of libraries: A manual of library management software and applications of computer technology in libraries. New Delhi: New Age International.
Saracco, C. M. (1998). Universal database management: A guide to object/relational technology. San Francisco, Calif: Kaufmann Publ.

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