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Database Management And Information Retrieval System Case Study

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Question 1
Differentiate between database management system and information retrieval system by focusing on their functionalities. (30 marks).
Database management system Information retrieval system Main software in computer system Obtain resources to the information relevant Offer Data modelling Facility Restricted to classify of object Structured data format Unstructured data format Provide precise semantics Provide imprecise semantics Complete of query specification Incomplete of query specification Data dictionary system management Item normalization Data transformation and presentation Document database search Backup and recovery management Index database search Data store management Selective dissemination of information
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Hardware can range from a PC to a network of computers. In implementation of DBMS it’s impossible without the hardware devices. The software is the main component of a DBMS. It is to control DBMS, operating system, network software and also the application programs. The most important component in DBMS is data. Processing the data is the main purpose of DBMS. Data used by the organization and a description of this data called the schema. Next, is procedures that is a instructions and rules that should be applied to the design and use of the database and DBMS. By using or run the DBMS, the user which operate and manage the DBMS require documented procedures. Then, user is a person who interact with DBMS to perform different operations on database such as retrieving, updating, inserting, deleting data and so …show more content…
Not fit tidily in database
High cost and performance limitation File have internal structure
Manage data at one time Unorganized data in database
Example ; numeric ,name, date. Example ; e-mail, video, photo.

Structured data is first dependent by creating a data model which is a model of the kind of business data to be recorded and how the data will be store, process and access. Structured data has it own the advantage that can easily inserting, storing, queries and analyzing. Due to the high cost and performance limitations of storage, memory and processing, relational databases and spreadsheets are using structured data is the best way to manage the data effectively at one time. Example of structure data is numeric, currency, alphabetic, name, date and also address.
Unstructured data refer to the information that does not reside in a traditional row and column database. Even the kinds of file have internal structure, the data contained in it do not fit tidily in database and they are still considered as unstructured data. Examples for unstructured data is e-mail messages, by using word documentation, video, photo, web pages, and other kind of business document. The disadvantage of unstructured data is raw and unorganized data in the

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