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Dating Differences Amongst Race and Gender

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Jaleesa Williams
Sociology 101
Assignment 1
October 7, 2014

Dating is something that human beings do to establish a relationship, specifically companionship, which is much deeper than just a level of friendship. It is the process in which people determine their compatibility and complementation to one another. Dating has always been perceived in a linear path one pursues with the end goal being marriage or at least an intimate long-term relationship. The concept of dating has so many various practices and protocols that this research paper will focus mainly on dating rituals within the United States. In the United States dating is generally the foundation that will ultimately lead to engagement, which will eventually become marriage. Typically two people will test or try out a relationship by going out together to various places and doing different things together depending upon interests and preferences. The time spent together determines whether the pair will continue to see each other and further establish their relationship or end things and date someone else with whom they might feel a stronger connection. This research intends to question the differences in the practices of dating between gender, race and socioeconomic status and why these differences persist. Is it just the societal norms that further reinforce these practices or is it because of other factors, which tie in to gender roles, cultural values, or social class status. Throughout the research there were similar ideas of social norms that are accepted when one is dating. The most common ones appeared to be gift giving, meeting each other’s family, dressing up and going out, and labeling the relationship when asked. These are all considered important moments that signify to society that two people are in a relationship. As far as genders go the results when looking into dating habits seemed...

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