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Davao Medical Center

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Chapter I


Recently, we have been given the opportunity to know more about Davao Medical Hospital, which has been greatly of interest to us. The Hospital has become part of our lives for more than four years now. We spend 24 hours every week in Davao Medical Hospital for our duties.

That is why today, and for a few days more, We as a group are indeed very grateful that upon the day we shall bid goodbye to Ateneo de Davao University, the institution who have inculcated us with good values and quality education and also become part of our lives for many years have given us the opportunity to know more the history of Davao Medical Hospital.

This document aims to describe the in- depth information, history and other factors that have been utilized to the emergence of Davao Medical Hospital. The resources came from our orientation and meeting with Mrs. Vilma Comoda, R.N, MAN and the interviews and the written documents we have read.


1917 – Enacted by the Philippine Legislative as Davao Public Hospital with a 25 bed capacity. The Davao General Hospital at Davao City, way back in the year 1918, a just a Sick Ward set up by the District Engineer’s Office in Davao for the care and treatment of the sick laborer’s known as “Sakadas”, who were the brought in to help the development of Davao. In 1919, by virtue of Special Act of the Philippine Legislation which was passed in 1917, to establish a hospital in the non-Christian Province of which Davao Province was one, a building was constructed at its old site which was named Davao Public Hospital. No inauguration was conducted at the completion of the hospital building. It was immediately opened to serve the sick. At that time, the District Health Officer for the province of Davao was Dr. Eugenio de Jesus. He was at the time...

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