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David Foster Wallace's This Is Water

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In David Foster Wallace’s speech, "This Is Water"; he describes the purpose and the importance of a liberal arts education. He says that the whole purpose of higher education is to have the ability to carefully choose on how to perceive others rather than just make an opinion about them. Also, he used logical and emotional applications to explain the importance of rational or critical thinking. Wallace used the word conscious many times to confer it to critical thinkers, and he described that those who don't think critically are related to as unconscious. Also, Wallace’s main discussion was that a person can have the choice to think logically and should do it on a daily basis. Wallace also described that consciousness and unconsciousness centers

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David Foster Wallace's This Is Water

...In his 2005 commencement address entitled “This is Water”, author and speaker David Foster Wallace emphasizes the importance of rethinking the most obvious realities as well as practicing a less self-absorbed awareness. Wallace begins his speech with a parable about a fish asking “What the hell is water?” Going on to explain how blind certainty can be damaging, Wallace affirms his point that getting lost inside one’s own head is nowhere near as rewarding and educational as paying attention to what is going on outside of the mind. Wallace further accentuates this idea by commenting on the frustration and annoyance of a typical trip to a grocery store. Wallace then advises his listeners to choose to look differently at an unpleasant situation,...

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...Learning to constantly be active in our thinking and our awareness is essential to living a happy and meaningful life. I truly enjoyed David Foster Wallace’s take on the difference it can make in our lives to be aware in situations that it may seem impossible to do so. However i feel he really only scratched the surface it what can be done when we choose to actively think and be aware of those around us. Nonetheless “This is Water” taught a powerful principle that struck home to me. I was surprised while watching the video to recall different experiences i can think back to in which i was caught only thinking about myself and not taking the challenge to “learn to think” as David Foster says. This lesson is something that applies here at the...

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...David Foster Wallace’s view on ‘This is Water’ helps us look around, open our eyes, and see the world from a fresh perspective. He started off by stating the fish analogy. It begins with two young fishes swimming and a big fish passed by saying to them, “Morning, boys. How’s the water?” and the two young fishes look at one another and goes “What the hell is water?” This is an example that shows us how unaware we become to our surroundings. Too often, we live in our own bubble and think we’re not affecting the environment around us. However, the truth of the matter is, the way we think will determine the consequences of our actions, whether it’s negative or positive. It’s human nature for people to automatically think about themselves first. For example, when you’re waiting in line and end up getting frustrated in the end, it’s hard to be reasonable and think...

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...In 2005, David Foster Wallace, an instructor of English and writing as well as a novelist, gave a commencement speech to the graduating students of Kenyon College dubbed “This is Water.” In 2009, a year after Wallace’s suicide, Little, Brown, and Company published a book adaptation of the speech under the guise “This is Water: Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate Life.” At first glance one would think that the book would just be a direct transcription of the speech itself in order to reach a wider audience. However, at closer look, it is clear that the book version has multiple instances of alteration. These alterations are caused by both the publisher itself along with the very change of the medium. Throughout the book version of “This is...

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...Freedom of education prevents people from being enslaved to ignorance. Education gives people a sense of freedom, and it also gives them the option of “deciding what has meaning and what doesn’t” in their life. In David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech, The Water, he argues that education should teach us how to be well adjusted, deciding on how to think and what to pay attention to instead of going to our default setting of negativity. David Foster Wallace is right because he thinks that real education is learning to be well adjusted. Freedom of education teaches us how to decide what has and what does not have meaning in our lives, it should teach us how to think not what to think, it should be able to help us develop our critical and...

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...“Third Person” George Saunders’s and David Foster Wallace’s speeches to graduating classes show differing views to the aspect of a selfish world. They similarly convey the effort for one to shift their perspective in order to be considerate of others is present, yet they differ in undertone. Saunders’ depicts the path of kindness as progress with an optimistic development in the eyes of retrospective, in contrast to Wallace’s more solemn, immediate depiction of the struggle to be compassionate to humanity with little promise of a better life. David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water” demonstrated how the typical human being is pre-disposed to the idea of selfishness, especially paired with a mundane life since the only aspect, the mundane “day...

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...story, “Hills Like White Elephants”, a man, referred to as “the American”, and a girl, Jig, sip on drinks at a train station as they talk of whether or not to have an abortion. David Foster Wallace’s short story, “Good People”, portrays a story line similar to Hemingway’s and follows the tumultuous thoughts of nineteen-year-old Lane Dean Jr. as he sits on a bench in quiet with his, equally submersed in thought, pregnant girlfriend Sheri. Writer Nilofer Hashmi asserts in her analytical essay, “’Hills Like White Elephants’: The Jilting of Jig,” that in Ernest Hemingway’s story the girl will go through with the abortion, but the American leaving her. Evidence exists, however, to prove that Jig will in fact have the abortion and the American will stay. Similarly, but entirely contrasting to Hashmi’s assertion, “Good People” insinuates that Lane will ultimately stay with Sheri should she fulfill his predictions and tell him she will raise the baby. Aspects such as whether or not love exists between the couples, the difference between Foster Wallace’s and Hemingway’s depiction and portrayal of the males and females, and symbolism disprove Hashmi’s analysis in favor of the previously proposed scenarios.        Whether or not the relationship contains any sort of love separates Hemingway and Foster Wallace’s short stories. Love does not exist between the American and the girl in “Hills Like White Elephants”. Hashmi correctly proposes that Jig, who believes the American will stay, will...

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Who Is Mary Schmich's Wear Sunscreen?, the best advice is given in preparation for adulthood. Mary Schmich’s ‘Wear Sunscreen’ (1997) and David Foster Wallace’s ‘This is Water’ (2009) are both unconventional commencement speeches which as a result have caused these speeches to gain great popularity. Despite these similarities, they both have different ways of presenting their non-traditional advice. Schmich conveys multiple points of life advice in a very concise way, whereas Wallace focus’ on the importance of the paying attention and learning how to think. This comparison of ‘Wear Sunscreen’ and ‘This is Water’, shows that audiences can have very positive reactions by bending a speech...

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...“This is Water” Close Reading Analysis: The Fluidity of Life “This is Water,” written by David Foster Wallace, is a commencement address he gave to a graduating college class in 2005. In this text, Wallace uses water as a symbol for life. As a result of water referring to life, the theme of “This is Water” is the fluidity of life. He shows this to his audience through short stories within his speech. Wallace begins his address with a story about fish. It is mainly about three fish, two young and one old. The two younger ones do not realize they are swimming in water when the older fish asks them “how’s the water” (Wallace X)? They do not know they are submerged in water because they are young and inexperienced: they have not practiced everything...

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...In David Foster Wallace’s speech This is Water, he puts a focus upon the gravity that adulthood is going to bring and that “everything to do with simple awareness; awareness of what is so real and essential, so hidden in plain sight” will be vital in the years to come. In Joyce Carol Oates’ Heat a narrator reverts back to a time in childhood when two neighborhood twins were killed, awakening her to how real violence is in reality. Both of these stories build off a reflection standpoint that connect and divide them equally. While both stories can connect to each other through the fact of understanding life, figuring out morals and that hardships are real, the This is Water speech focuses on how to get past yourself and on with life while Heat takes a focus on being stuck remembering and questioning oneself based on the past Getting...

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