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2003 Nicholas E. Davies Award Recipient
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Harold M. Britton
October 12, 2015
DeVry University
Dr. Jenkins
HMS 330

The HIMSS Nicholas E. Davies award of Excellence recognizes those institutions that have made outstanding achievements by optimizing the use of information technology and the use of Electronic Health Records Management Systems to improve patients overall health outcomes through the implementation practices, strategies, workflow and patient engagement while maximizing the organizations return on investment. The award is named in honor of Dr. Nicholas E. Davies, MD, PhD who was a pioneer in the world of medicine and his first priority was to improve access to Healthcare in America through Information Technology, a true Physician Champion. Dr. Davies was killed in a commuter airline crash off the coast of Georgia in 1991.

This paper will highlight Cincinnati’s Children Hospital and Medical Center as they were the recipient of the 2003 Davies Enterprise / Organizational Award. “We fix smiles, we mend brains, we fight infections, we help families be brave, we help kids grow strong, we give them second chances and we celebrate when they say, ‘Look at me now!’” (CCHMC, 2003). I decided to focus my report on Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center for my 5 year old Niece was in cancer treatment there in 2010, unfortunately she did not survive the treatments, however I learned so much from some of the staff and their new records management system, which they were at the time in a roll-out period of a new Electronic Records Management System, many had not had adequate training on the system and many of the staff, including the Physicians were a bit lost as to how to navigate. That was just during my visit, this paper will focus on the reason why they were selected for the Davies award in 2003.

The Medical Center began intergrading informatics in 2000 by adopting the Invision system manufactured by the Siemens Corporation. The strategic planning committee figured it would take a two year period to have the facility fully intergraded (CCHMC, 2003). The planning process was a huge and critical undertaking where they have 1,045 staffed Physicians, over 1,700 Nurses and thousands of Allied Health Professionals serving over 500,000 children, from around the world, every year. So the planning committee decided to intergrade the Six Sigma based approach which is to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control the planning process continually. In order to maintain a successful migration period the Planning Committee constructs a Project Risk Management design to follow 4 steps:

• Two teams of multidisciplinary ICIS users: COE Design Team and a Team of Physician Champions
• Hired a Consulting Firm
• Begin a Public Relations Campaign 13 months prior to Roll-Out
• Boost voluntary involvement to education of the system by other end users During that last 13 month period prior to Roll-out End User surveys were handed out to receive feedback (Positive and Negative) about the new system and to gain a better perspective as to the effectiveness to Department goals, to patient safety and care delivery Acute and Ambulatory. As with any system this step is vital for the organization to make sure they keep within set targets or continue to meet their Benchmarks.

As I conclude, it was interesting to know that while I was visiting my niece they were in a second Roll-out period for a newer system, now I understand what was happening and why the staff seemed confused as to the workings of the system. Everyone’s migration path is not the same and how each organization handles the Planning, Strategizing, Training, Certifying, Implementation and Support processes are so critical yet vastly different from organization to organization and their path to the success of an Electric Health Record Adoption Process.


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