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Manuscript - Tomas Stephanson, Monte Reid
For the first time in history people and machinery are working together, realizing a dream. A uniting force that knows no geographical boundaries. Without regard to race, creed or color. A new era where communication truly brings people together.
This is the Dawn of The Net.
Want to know how it works? Click here to begin your journey into the Net.
Now exactly what happened when you clicked on that link? You started a flow of information. This information travels down to your own personal mail-room where Mr. IP packages it, labels it and sends it on its way. Each packet is limited in its size. The mail-room must decide how to divide the information and how to package it.
The IP packet now needs a label, containing important information such as senders address, receivers address and the type of packet it is. Because this particular packet is going out onto the Internet, it also gets an address for the Proxy Server which has a special function as we'll see later.
The packet is now launched onto your Local Area Network or LAN. This network is used to connect all the local computers, routers, printers etc. for information exchange within the physical walls of the building. The LAN is a pretty uncontrolled place and unfortunately accidents can happen.
The highway of the LAN is packed with all types of information. There are IP packets, Novell packets, Apple Talk packets - Uh, they're going against traffic as usual. The local router reads the address and if necessary lifts the packet onto another network.
Ah the router. A symbol of control in a seemingly disorganized world. There he is..systematic, uncaring, methodical, conservative and sometimes not quite up to speed. But he is exact... for the most part.
As the packets leave the router, they make their way into the corporate intranet and head for the router switch. A bit…...

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