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Day 1 Reflection

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Day 1 Reflection 1/28/2016
Day 1 of my preceptorship in Beverly Hospital Emergency Department, I have been praying to God for weeks prior to beginning of this term that I will be accepted for Beverly Ed, because I have heard a lot of great stories from previous students who went there. And besides, I have been wanting to be placed in the ER because I want to be an ER nurse, I need to be an ER nurse, I AM GONNA BE AN ER NURSE. Soon. So after days of waiting, I finally received a call from Professor Schaffer that I am one of the students who got picked at Beverly ED, I was so happy and excited, that I was crying on the way home in the car, thinking of all the possibilities and the doors of opportunities that will lead me to my dream job. Come 1/28/2016, woke up really early to prepare myself mentally and physically, prayed really hard that I will have a good first day and that my preceptor will be nice enough to me that she would not yell at me for some reason. I prayed hard before I left. My goal for that day was to make a great first impression that they wont forget my name: LALAINE. I got there 520am, with a positive attitude, a big smile on my face and pastries with cream cheese on hand, I waited and introduced myself to the staff and met my preceptor: Felice Fernandez, she was really welcoming and we got along really well to the point that we are sharing stories to each other, I feel welcomed and I feel like I am part of their family. My preceptor and I was assigned at the overflow unit that day, but it does not open until 9am. She gave me a quick orientation on what we needed to do and what her expectations are from me. I set up the unit, made the beds and prepared all things needed such as vitals machine, labeler, and she showed me how to do the computer charting. Since she knew that I am an LVN with med surg experience at work, she told me that I can handle...

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