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Db2 Concepts

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DB2 & SQL Concepts

1.2.1 What is SQL?

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a standardized language for defining and manipulating data in a relational database. In accordance with the relational model of data, the database is perceived as a set of tables, relationships are represented by values in tables, and data is retrieved by specifying a result table that can be derived from one or more tables.
DB2 transforms the specification of a result table into a sequence of internal operations that optimize data retrieval. This transformation occurs when the SQL statement is prepared. This transformation is also known as binding.

1.2.2 Static SQL

The source form of a static SQL statement is embedded within an application program written in a host language such as COBOL. The statement is prepared before the program is executed and the operational form of the statement persists beyond the execution of the program.

A source program containing static SQL statements must be processed by an
SQL precompiler before it is compiled. The precompiler checks the syntax of the SQL statements, turns them into host language comments, and generates host language statements to invoke DB2.

1.2.3 Dynamic SQL

A dynamic SQL statement is prepared during the execution of an SQL application, and the operational form of the statement is not persistent.
The source form of the statement is a character string passed to DB2 by an application program using the static SQL statement PREPARE or EXECUTE
IMMEDIATE. DB2 also uses dynamic SQL for system-directed access (1) .

1.2.4 Interactive SQL

In this book, interactive SQL refers to SQL statements submitted to SPUFI
(SQL processor using file input). SPUFI prepares and executes these statements dynamically.

1.2.6 Indexes


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