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July 7, 2013

Since I used to be a Neurosurgical ICU nurse I would focus my energy on creating more stroke awareness in my community. The direction I prefer to take would involve helping members of the community become aware of the risk factors associated with stroke. This would be decided based on the fact that many individuals are ignorant of these facts. Most people look at fixing a part of the whole person rather than fixing the entire person. Although many factors are genetic and non-modifiable, such as family history, age, sex, and race, there are ones that can be modified including smoking cessation, exercising, moderating alcohol intake, and eating healthy. If a person adheres to changing their lifestyle they can dramatically decrease their stroke risk.
I could talk to members of the community to further assess the need for a program such as this and to help enhance and develop a better stroke prevention program. To help move this idea along in my community, I would also get my local chapter of the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses involved. I could get their advice and guidance with the program idea I want to create. I would like to involve the nurses I worked with in the NICU as well. Many of them are advocates in the neuro field and would be a great addition to the program. I would also go to stroke certified hospitals in the area and attempt to recruit the assistance of neurologists and neurosurgeons to help get the message across. Local primary care providers in the area could also be utilized to help their patients understand the importance of being healthy overall especially when it comes to heart arrhythmias and regulating high blood pressure, which is a common cause of stroke.
I would communicate with populations of people who are most at risk for stroke, while also including populations who are unaware of their risk of stroke such as women taking birth control. I could communicate with the community via flyers, brochures, and public service announcements to increase awareness of the issue at hand. Since I would hopefully see many people from different backgrounds it is important to make things succinct and brief while hitting the important points. As a nurse, listening to our patients is one of the most vital things we can do for them. Each person can be approached differently depending on their age, gender, and overall lifestyle. For instance, an obese person can be approached differently than a healthy weight individual, while focusing on each person’s individual needs. For example, with the obese individual the nurse could discuss the importance of maintaining a health lifestyle, assessing their diet, and making recommendations as needed.
I would obtain data and statistics regarding stroke within the area and even outlying areas of the community to further necessitate the need for a stroke prevention program. I would also speak with local health care providers to get their input regarding the urgency for such a program.

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