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1. a) What is a database? A database is an organized collection of related data. b) How does an RDBMS store data? An RDBMS stores related data in tables.

2. What is one benefit of dividing data into tables? Dividing data into tables eliminates unnecessary data duplication, or data redundancy. 3. a) What is a database schema? A database schema is a description of the data and the organization of the data into tables in a relational database. b) Explain the considerations for dividing data into related groups. Considerations for dividing data into related groups includes grouping information so that there is little or no data redundancy. However, each table must have data related to at least one other table, which will require data duplication. This is not considered data redundancy. A table with no relationship to any another table does not belong in the database. 4. a) What is a field? A column in a table. Used to store data. b) Explain why a field that stores more than one piece of data is considered poor design. A field that stores more than one piece of data limits the sorting and searching capabilities of the database. 5. List four guidelines to follow when choosing field names. 1. Make field names unique. 2. Choose the shortest possible name that accurately describes the contents of the field. 3. Use complete words instead of numbers or abbreviations. 4. Avoid special characters.

6. List nine types of data that can be stored in a field. Answers will vary. Every answer should include nine of the following: AutoNumber, Text,...

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