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Tear off two layers of shingles on house and clean up debris and haul away.
House will be protected from shingles that are torn off.

Install new chimney flashing, new roof to wall tin flashings, new metal valleys, new 6” of ice and water shield, new ridge vent and new ridge cap.

Install new synthetic shingle underlayment, new pipe flashing, tuck point the chimney.

New Owens Corning Duration shingles: $11,900
New Owens Corning Oakridge shingles: $11,400

Install 5” with 3x4 downspouts: House $1530

Payment is as follows: 1/3 at signing and 2/3 is due upon completion.

Terms and Conditions:
The owner or agent certifies that he has read this agreement, and terms and conditions have been explained to him and that he fully understands them; that there is no understanding verbal or otherwise than that contained in this agreement. All measurements and depths are approximate. All materials to be at contract specifications. Contractor carries all legally required insurance. However, homeowner is responsible for permits if needed and lot line locations. Owner assumes responsibility for any landscaping repairs and gives contractor permission to access property with any equipment. Lien waivers are available upon completion. Buyer and contractor agree if any disputes arise throughout this transaction it shall be settled through arbitration. In no way shall the contractor be liable for any legal expenses. In the event of cancellations, prior to start of work by purchaser, the deposit is non-refundable. Owner understands this company is a limited liability corporation. Contractor shall not be liable for delays caused by strikes, weather conditions, and delays in obtaining materials or causes beyond his control. If there are more layers of shingles that could possible hidden due to trim or wood and extra charge will be...

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