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DD102 TMA01: Differences on City Road, Cardiff

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Drawing on what you have learnt from the DD102 module materials and your work on TMA 01, outline some examples of difference on City Road, Cardiff.
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In my previous TMA, I referred to ‘difference’ as ‘an indication of dissimilarity’ between groups of people. Blakeley and Staples specify sexuality and class, as contrasts between groups in contemporary society (Blakeley and Staples, 2014, p.25). This essay will give further insight into some of the differences that are present on City Road, Cardiff today. City Road accommodates people of varied socio-economic positions. By looking at people’s occupations and levels of income, it is possible to establish an understanding of the social scale that exists here. Their lifestyles are shaped by the choices that are available to them i.e. their sense of style, but also some constraints e.g. the amount that they can afford to spend on clothing. (Havard, 2014, p.38). Considering the grand design of the Mackintosh Centre and the fact that the families owned the land, it is reasonable to conclude that the owners were wealthy. Therefore, they had more options in terms of how they could control their expenditure in comparison to other members of the community. John Arthur is a homeless man, who has never experienced a day of work in his life. His level of income is very low as he begs for spare change - shown in ‘The life and times of the street: Part 1’ video (Open University, 2014). Moreover, John’s sociocultural background is one of alcoholism, consequently this places him at the lower end of this scale. Due to his lack of financial income, John will experience significantly higher amount of constraints in comparison to the Mackintosh’s. Another notable difference on City road, is the division of opinions on social order. Theoretically, a society that is in...

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