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James Dakota Bullock
508 Birmingham Ave
Apt B Norfolk VA 23505

Phone: 757-266-8213
Cell: 757-266-8293


I am a bright, intuitive young man with a good head on my shoulders. I pride myself on my affiliation with our US Army and the service I have given. You’ll notice that I always put my best foot forward in everything I do, be it a stock room job, or working hard with my hands- anything, really. I let my experiences teach me, mold me, help me on to grow as an individual, both on a personal level and in the professional world.


South Creek High School
Kaplan University

Positions Held

30 Jan 2012 — Present


Empire Scaffolding Services (A Division Of Técnico)

Safety is key in this profession and professionals must wear harnesses, helmets, and other safety gear.
Creating a safety net and guard rails for construction workers
Delivering scaffolding equipment to job sites
Attaching scaffolding equipment to a building
Following the necessary safety guidelines
Checking for weak areas and damage
Making sure measurements are correct

05 Jan 2015 — 17 Aug 2015

Aviation Operations Specialist
Army National Guard United States

Process local and cross-country flight clearances
Check accuracy of flight plans and coordinate them
Maintain flight logs on incoming/outgoing flights and individual flight records
Alert crash crews of emergencies
Interpret and post weather reports

17 Aug 2015 — Present

3.2 GPA
Currently Attending for Associates in Criminal Justice

Técnico Corporation Chesapeake, VA

Perform welding from various departments with help of welding torches and arcs
Administer various components and perform welding of clamps, holding, and bolts according to specifications
Positions Held

05 Jan 2015 — 17 Aug 2015
Welder (Continued)
 Manage work with help of manual welding machines and metals of various processes  Monitor all welding processes and ensure absence of any shrinkage and distortion to materials 09 Nov 2013 — 30 Sept 2014

Overnight Stocker
Wal-Mart Williamston, NC

Monitor store activities and ensure neat and clean store at night to greet all customer next morning and processes all freight and arrange all merchandise.
Maintain all store merchandise and evaluate items as per purchasing order and handle all goods and services efficiently.
Manage all merchandise and ensure appropriate tags and labels to it and maintain count of inventory levels at all items to maintain records of store goods.
Organize all store shelves and maintain cleanliness of all storeroom at all times

Leadership Roles
Platoon Leader

Welfare of soldiers.
Platoon Leadership.
Field operations, mission support, Class III V Maintenance Transportation,
Accountability of Platoon equipment (Platoon Hand Receipts.)
Training, Planning / Resourcing / Scheduling, and conduct monthly platoon training meetings, maintenance and update training calendars.
Execute – PSG / SQD leader duties as needed.
Counsel Squad leaders, drivers and RTO after every field exercise and garrison monthly, in writing.

Squad Leader:

Ensure that their soldiers get proper individual training and maintain personal appearance and cleanliness.
Responsibility is being accountable for what you do or fail to do.
Responsible to fulfill not only their individual duties, but also to ensure that their team and unit are successful.


Jonathan Council, Stocker, Piggly Wiggly, 252-661-1405
Courtney Wheeler, Personal Care Assistant, Consumer Directive, 757-439-3964
James Cooper, Welder Supervisor, Tecnico Corporation, 757-609-1168

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