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MM522 Marketing Plan Topic Proposal: Due Week One

Below is the MM522 Marketing Plan Proposal Form. Before completing it, please read “Marketing Plan – Proposal Guidelines” in Doc Sharing. Then provide requested information where indicated, and submit it to the week #1 drop box as soon as possible.
Your Proposal must be submitted by “Wednesday” of week #1 (no later than 11:59pm).
Remember, your instructor must approve your idea before you begin your marketing plan assignment, and he will give you feedback and suggestions if you need help.

(Please complete this form & submit it to the week #1 drop box) 1. Your Name:
Your first name: Malcolm your last name: Heard your class “section”: September Section E

2. Product or Service Idea: * One brief paragraph clearly describing your product or service:
The product and service that I wish to implement is a residential cleaning service that specializes in the cleaning of apartments and houses for college students and senior citizens. Along with cleaning services, I will offer home cleaning products developed and manufactured by myself.

3. Who and Where is your target audience?
Briefly identify –
My target audience is college students and senior citizens in the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs.

* Target audience description (gender, ages, uniqueness’s, etc.) –
The initial target audience for my business will be 18-40 year old male and female college students in the Chicago area. Also, I will focus on 65 and older male and female senior citizens living in apartments.

4. Are similar or competitive products or services available?
Briefly describe a similar products or services:
In the Chicago area, there are many Residential and Industrial cleaning services that offer a vast array of products and services. Many of them offer carpet cleaning...

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