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Online education VS Traditional Education
Asia Clarke
March 25, 2012

Online education VS Traditional Education
In this present day with the technology that exists there are more options to obtain a higher education. Both online and traditional colleges have their advantages and disadvantages. Deciding on which style fits depends on the students’ needs. This will be brought to attention in this essay. It seems in the present day more students are looking for a more convenient way to acquire an education. They are achieving degrees online compared to attending traditional colleges.
Online education is becoming more popular than traditional education. Online education gives more freedom to allow individuals to return to school and to work a full time job at the same time. This gives students the chance to receive higher education while taking care of their responsibilities in everyday life. Overall, it is clear that online enrollments nationally have experienced very large growth during the past decade, and evidence points that this growth will continue in the next few years.
With online education, universities can reach vast distances. In return students can attend creditable schools and receive creditable degrees from rural areas. Online offerings are becoming very attractive to full-time employees who want to further their careers – or start new ones - through more education. Colleges benefit by expanding their faculty to include qualified teachers nationwide, instructors who log on without leaving home; students benefit by choosing when they telecommute to class.
There are two main types of online courses: fully online and blended online. Blended courses are taught primarily online but have some in-person components, such as an introductory meeting or an in-classroom final exam. If you live far from the university, you may...

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