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Dead Man's Path

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Dead Man’s Path Essay

The story of a “Dead man’s Path” by Chinua Achebe is a very interesting one that ended in destruction. One of the main characters, Michael Obi, who was appointed the headmaster of Ndume Central wanted change and discipline in the students he was in charge of. The many that had taken on the task in the past had failed, and he wanted to be one of the very first to impress the superintendent, but what he didn’t realize is that with change comes compromise. Obi had many accomplishments he wanted to achieve being the headmaster. He brought his wife onboard to help him achieve those goals, one of which was to help rebuild the garden in the back of the school. She was delighted to do so, and being the wife of a husband who was the headmaster. Obi had his mind in the right place when he wanted to bring these changes in the school, changes that had never been made before, but the problem with that was he wanted it all done at once. One of his failures, but not his biggest one, was that he was determined for change so that he could impress the superintendent, show him that he could be different from the others that had come before him. Upon arrival at the school, he demanded better from the teachers by bossing them around. His wife would throw a lot of weight around, being that she was the headmaster’s wife, but when she found out the teachers were single she became leery of that, even though he did admit to her that it was good that they all had no husbands so that they could focus on teaching. The one thing that stood out was when Obi stated: “I was thinking what a grand opportunity we’ve got to show these people how a school is run” (Achebe 11). This basically meant, by all means necessary to make changes, but as the saying goes: “Rome wasn’t built...

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