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Deadly Unna Questions

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Drawing on events from the above chapters, respond to the following questions in full sentences. 1. What is the attitude of the people of the Port to Dumby Red’s shooting? (chaps.29-30) 2. Explain what Blacky means when he says on p. 201, “That’s exactly how everything looked after the shooting. That’s how I felt, too. Inside and outside. Grey and heavy, like lead, like a sinker.” 3. In chapter 32 Blacky receives negative feedback from various people when he mentions Dumby’s funeral and suggests that: a. He wants to go to the funeral b. That something should ‘be done’ What reasons can you provide to explain their lack of enthusiasm for Blacky’s suggestions? 4. By the end of chapter 32, what conclusions has Blacky come to as far as his feelings for Cathy and Dumby? 5. What advice does Blacky get from The Brady Bunch and how does it help him? (chap.33) 6. When Blacky arrives at the Point, he realises that at least one of the things said about Aborigines in the front bar is wrong. What is it? 7. Explain what happens to Blacky while he is viewing Dumby’s body. 8. When Blacky returns home after the funeral, his mother does not punish him for ‘disappearing’ even though she’s ‘been worried sick’ about him (p.234). Why do you think she doesn’t punish him? 9. Was there ever a time when you seriously disobeyed your parents? a. What did you do? b. If there were consequences to your actions what were they? c. Do you think the consequences were fair?

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