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Lauren Schneider
Tuesday/ Thursday 3:15
November 12, 2013
Deaf Event Paper 1
1. What was the purpose of this assignment?
The deaf event I chose to go to was a Sunday morning church service at the Deaf Outreach Church. The purpose was to observe and communicate with others using sign language that weren’t from class. There is a difference from signing signs we are learning in class and holding a conversation with others. I needed to apply what I learned in the classroom to real life.
2. What is one question about the Deaf community that you hoped to answer during the course of this assignment?
What causes the strong bond in the Deaf culture? From observing the people signing to each other it made me understand that it partly their use of ASL that keeps the bond strong. Also, the understanding they have for one another makes them so close. They have shared common experiences and struggles that being deaf came with. It’s like when I went to Italy and would feel more connected to other Americans and would start talking to them even if I didn’t know them. Speaking English was something I had in common with very few people while I was over there, so it made me want to reach out to others that spoke English.

3. Before going what did you expect it to be like?
I expected it to be boring and that I would be completely lost in what was going on. I expected it to be completely silent and all in sign language. I thought people that knew I was hearing and would wonder why I was there.
4. What was it really like?
It was not boring and not silent. They always had someone talking while signing so I could easily follow along easily during the mass. I didn’t feel confused or out of place. I actually felt welcomed. The pastor had new members stand up and introduce themselves and where they were from. I could relate to the songs even though there were a…...