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Deaf Festival

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Deaf Festival
I turaly enjoyed this event so many Deaf people coming together for a celebration. I was able to witness every type of communication a Deaf person can utilize. I saw how Deaf-Blind receive information and I couldn’t peel my eyes away. The performancy were amazing especially the dance interpretation with ASL. I meet so many Deaf people from all over the nation even meet someone from Cuba who knew Cuban Sign Language but not ASL that was a new experience sharing signs but her and a Deaf women were able to get by really really interesting to see 2 different Sing Languages but able to understand one another. Experising my thoughts again on the way communication was shared during the performances was jaw dropping: multiple interpertors for specific use either, translating for those needing Enlgish, ASL for needing ASL but on both ends of the stage and the amazing teaming for voicing. We discuss a lot how much a conflict between the hearing world and Deaf but for the first time I was able to witness both worlds not segergatated but intertwinging with one another, I witness people speaking enjoying themselves and Deaf people speaking enjoying themselves but what I enjoyed was Deaf people weren’t entirely outnumber outside Deaf events I’ll run into a Deaf person here or their always outnumbered by hearing, not on this day Deaf people flourished. It was a wonderful experience that I’m blessed to have had an oppurtnity to be apart of.

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