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Dealing with a Dead Situation

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Dealing With a Dead Situation
John 11:1-4 & 17-27

Saints for the next few minitues I want to talk to you about the situations that are in your life. In order to deal with the situations that we are going to have to face in this world, we must learn how to deal with some situations in your life and allow them to die. We all go and are going through things that seems to hard for us to bear. There are many things that we have been praying for and we wonder Lord are you listening to me? Some of us been praying the same prayer so long that we feel like maybe this is one He just isn’t going to answer. I stop by to let you know that He hears every prayer and it is how you are dealing with the situation that is affecting the answer.
Don’t you realize that He told us that we have the power to speak things into exsistance. Take not that on the 3 P’s.
P= I have taught you in my word how to first Pray
P= I have given you the Power to speak over your situation
P= Then after you have pray and authorized your power to speak, then you have to learn to leave it alone and Praise for the result.
Some of us don’t want our situations to die. We get all the attention as long as we are going through.
If the Lord make a way for my bills to be paid, I can’t hit up the mission department no more.
If he heal me, then the mothers want come over and cook and clean for me no more
You don’t want your situation to die because that is the only way your lazy self have learned how to survive.
Saints be honest there are some that have been living off the church so long that they don’t know how to do anything else.
There are situations that should be dead but when will you let them die.
This might the only part that I directly address the youth and it is not for the youth per say, but it is for the parents. Parents you been praying for your child for a long time. Lord I need help, my child is just bad and I put them in your hands. Everytime I turn around they into something and I just don’t know what to do. Now when you prayed that prayer, the situation should have died because you said Lord I put them into your hands. However, the situation can’t die because you won’t let it die, because as soon as you get a conduct report from school and your child says I didn’t do it you out at the school cussing the Teacher out! When the police pick them up, you in the station saying I know my child didn’t’ do that, but you know. One thing I do know is that a mother knows her child. My mama knew things that I thought I was getting away with.
Lord my child needs a job, why do they need a job and everytime they want something you spending the bill money to get it for them. Let it die! Learn to say No sometime. You prayed and it is time for you to let God work it out. God forbid if you have a child on drugs and alcohol. Don’t you realize one of the reasons that habit won’t die is because you are supporting their habit. Now you might not agree with me, but when you know your child is out there and when they come to you and ask for money, what you think they going to do with it. They don’t have a job, so do you really think they are doing what they say they are going to do with your money. And if by chance that they do, its only because they have use the their money to buy drugs and alcohol, stop supporting these kids habits. So when it comes to the childern, parents you need to learn to deal with the situation and let it die.
There are some situations that are dead, but we cannot seem to get over them.
These are those situations that we prayed about and God did answer, but we still want leave them alone. We can’t move pass them because we have been so deeply hurt. We can’t get over it because it somehow keeps coming back as the world says to haunt me.
Don’t you realize that when God turn that situation around and when He works it out that that situation is null and void. This is when the praise factor has to come into effect. Don’t get me wrong some situations have scared us so bad that it is hard to get over them, because the memory is there.
I can remember my grandfather. He was a double amputee and I took a leave of absence from work to care for him. There were times that He was like my child, I had to bath him, cloth him, change him, carry him, and feed him. It was just like taking care of a baby. Then the Lord called him home in 2004. I was the only one at the hospital when he died, I had to come and break the news to the family, I had to oversee the funeral arrangements, I had to deal with the I want everything negros, then I had to preach the funeral. So many of my spiritual leaders at that time told me that I had to put my grieving on hold, because I had to be strong and hold the family together. I could not take on the role of a grandson, but had to take on the role of a pastor.
I prayed and fasted during and after the bearevment. Three years went by and I was still reliving all of this, found myself at the cemetary and reading the obituary. Felt like I could hear him in the house. Then one day the Lord spoke and said enough now. I took care of you then and I have been taking care of you these past 3 years and son I am taking care of you right now. Stop and hear me. That situation is dead now you have to live. See saints the Lord had already remove the grief from me and all He was waiting for me to do was to praise Him for bringing me out of that time of Hell. Everybody know that when someone die you go through hell.
So when the Lord tells you that a situation is dead then you have to learn how to exercise your power to say it will not affect me no more and even if it comes to my mind, I am going to praise and shout it right out. TELL YOUR NEIGHBOR THAT WHEN IT IS DEAD, ITS DEAD!
Then saints there are those situations that are dead and the Lord is still letting you think they are alive.
Haven’t you noticed that when certain people are going through, there commitment level is great. Haven’t never been to Sunday School or Bible Study before but they the first ones in the house. The loudest thing in church on Sunday. Then when the situation starts to die, you see them sitting in church and you scared to even say anything to them because they looking so evil.
When they want God to work it out, you can hear them, Anything you want me to do pastor? I believe I’ll have pastor over to eat on Sunday. Any other time you wouldn’t let them in the yard. Truth be told the pastor probably don’t even know some of you live, but because there is a situation that needs to die, you trying everything to please God so you can get that immediate answer.
But we serve a God that is smarter than you will ever be. I often wonder how people think that they can out smart Him, when he created smart. You can’t con, him because he created con. When will you realize that if He created you, then He is aware of every trick that you try to use against Him.
I can see God sitting back and just looking saying they don’t even realize that I did it for them as soon as they asked me, but I did it in a way so they could not recognize it, only to keep them doing what they are doing. In other words if I show you what I did for you, I know that you gonna stop coming to church, no more dinner for you pastor. They headed right back to where I already brought them from, so I with my bad self will just keep them wondering when I if I am going to do it, knowing that I already done it.
In this text a very familiar one and we all have heard it preach so many different ways, I want to bring out just a few points that have stirred my spirit.
We find 2 sisters, Mary and Martha and their brother Lazarus is sick. They are all friends of Jesus and they sent word to Jesus that Lazurus was sick. It does not say at this point, but we know that the reason she sent for Jesus was for Him to heal their brother. Saints it could have ended right here, for when they sent for Jesus, the situation died right then. As soon as she said Lord, the situation died and the prayer was honored. Saints you got to realize that He already knows what your situation and is and as soon as you say Lord, it is done. That is why the older saints use to tell you that all you had to do was say JESUS. There is power in the name of JESUS. All situations can and will die in the name of JESUS.
Now they have sent for Jesus and he has heard that his friend is sick and Jesus says that this sickness isn’t unto death , but for the Glory of the Lord. Jesus already new that Lazarus was going to die, but He had to let him die in order for the people to once again see that He is who He says He is.
How many you know that we wait for the Lord in the midst of a terrible situation and wonder why He doesn’t respond quickly. Jesus says that I know he sick and I know he is going to die and I know they want me there now, but they have to wait.
So I am going to stay right here and wait until the situation goes from bad(it is bad that my friend is sick), it got to go from bad to worse(death is worse) in order for them to see that I got to take this dead situation and bring it back to life so that the people we see the glory of my father.
Some times it takes death to get your attention!
By the time Jesus arrived he found that Lazarus had been in the grave four days and everyone was still mourning and when the sisters heard Jesus was coming Mary stayed home, but Martha went to Jesus and said Lord if you had of been here my brother would not have died. This is the part that disturb my spirit. You had enough faith in Him to send for him, but because He didn’t do what she thought He should have done, did Martha have a problem?
Martha says Lord if you had of been here my brother would not of died, but I still know that whatever I ask of God he will do it. Now I might be off just a little bit, but to me it seems that Martha is a little weak and it just might be because she is dealing with the death of her brother, but you saying Lord I know you will do what I ask, so why didn’t you come and do it this time. The bible doesn’t say this but if you just look at it from a everyday stand point and relate to this day and time, Martha is just like us. Lord I know that you have all power and can do all things, and Lord I know that you will do whatever I ask in your name, Lord I am calling on you and as soon as things don’t go our way, we want to question God. Lord I prayed and if you had of ansewred me when I prayed then my lights wouldn’t be off, Lord if you had of came then my job wouldn’t have cut back. Saints when are we going to stand on the word and put our faith into action. The bible says that all we need is faith the size of a mustard seed and we can move mountains. You just can’t have faith when it is convenient for you. You got to know that when you pray that it shall be done and if it isn’t done how and when you think it should be done that it is all in the plan of God. Some of us can be further along than we are if we stop sitting around wainting for God to do it our way.
The Lord is saying yes I heard your prayer and your lights got turned off, but you chose to buy the new outfit and didn’t pay your bill. I heard about the job, but when I bless you with it, you want to call in sick so you can be lazy. I heard all these things and whether you know it or not I already sent the answer so those situations are dead. Saints a lot of times in our situations God has already given us the answer, but we fail to listen or understand what He has said.
Jesus says your brother will rise again and Martha says I know in the ressurection at the last day. Jesus says I am the ressurection and the life, he who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live and whoever lives in Me shall never die.
See saints Martha was looking to future knowing that we all shall rise at that last day, the people was looking at the past saying that Jesus could have kept Lazarus from dying, but Jesus was looking at the present, knowing that wherevever He is God’s ressurection power is available now. See saints wherever God is that is where the answer is. Jesus knew that Lazarus was going to get up out of the grave and that it was to prove to the people that I have the power that God has given me. We all know the rest of the story Jesus goes to the grave ask move the stone away and said Lazarus come forth and Lazarus came forth bound and Jesus says loose him and let him go.
As I get ready to go to my seat, I stop by to let you know that God’s ressurection power is available right now. If you have some situations in your life that you want to die, you need to first let God ressurect Himself within you, then He is able to speak to those situations like he spoke to Lazarus , come forth. He is laying and waiting on you to stop wanting your situations to take over you. He is waiting for you to say Lord I have had enough, make these things in my life die now. Saints it don’t make any sense for you to have been praying on the same thing for as long as you have. Don’t you know that all you got to do is say Lord make it die right now and he will do just what you ask. Yes you might see me going through right now, but I know that it is still in the hands of the Lord. That this situation will die and will not rise back up. I also realize that this situation and I can only speak for myself, is because God needs to do something great within me. Sometimes it takes suffering for you to get to the place in God that He wants you to be. So I might be limping, might be in pain, but arthiritis you will die and not rise again. Sometimes you have to speak to your own self knowing that He is waiting on you. Even in the midst and so many have said why don’t you just stop going and stay home, but see God is just sitting waiting to see if I will stop. Some said get somebody else to preach for you. I said as long as I can drag myself to the church I will declare the word of the Lord. If I have to prop myself up, I will do what God has called me to do. Saints I stop by to let you know that without a test you will never have a testimony. Siutations is and will always be in our lives, but from this night forth when you pray on a situation tell the Lord that you need for it to die and not ressurect itself. And I want you to know that He will work it out for you, there is nothing that He wants to withhold from His people. He is ready all you got to do is first let Him be present in your lives and second learn how to deal with the dead situations. How can I deal with the dead situation is learning that when it is dead let it stay dead!

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Conflict Resolution

...tension could be lessened by nonverbal gestures and niceties as asserted by Katie Shonk in her Harvard-published article on November 5th, 2014 entitled “For Conflict Resolution in Asia, A Simple Handshake Could Go Far” (Shonk, 2014). A simple but significant gesture, a handshake between Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping is what the Japanese officials hope will happen during the regional economic summit in Beijing scheduled this month. There are two major factors that have caused the strain in the relationship between the two countries. First is the refusal of Xi to meet with Abe. It was surmised that “Xi would not engaged in formal talks unless Abe promised to stop visiting a shrine to Japan’s war dead that offends many Chinese haunted by Japanese World War II atrocities”. Second, tension escalated when Abe’s predecessor purchased a disputed band of islands off the coast of Japan. This prompted China to send paramilitary ships and aircraft to the waters near the uninhabited islands. Japan, in-turn launched its own...

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