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Deals Too Good to Be True

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This report will expound on contracts and agreements by explaining about offer and acceptance, along with agreement and enforceability at law and how it affects persons involved. One can be easily mislead if they are not aware of rights and obligations, misconception or misinterpretation can result in lawsuits. It will talk about advertisement and the perception of the viewers, as well as the legal obligations of the advertiser and customer.

Deals Too Good to Be True

In this report, we are looking at a case involving a Seattle man who took a soft-drink company to court to resolve a case of what he thought to be underhanded by a soft drink company. He was challenged in the commercial to achieve a goal and as a result of reaching that goal, he would be rewarded with an extravagant gift, a Harrier jet. As the goal is achieved by this man, the company that advertised states that it wasn't meant for someone to actually take up the offer therefore there won't be a payout for his effort and time. This caught the man "off guard" who truly thought the advertisement to be true and after his hard work to accomplish what they asked thought that the company should indeed give him the Harrier jet, a famous high-tech jump jet used by the U.S. Marines. The key legal factors present in the scenario are what are enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, the truth in advertising Act. The act is in place to keep out of the consumers eyes, false or misleading commercials. It is stated that the Bureau of Consumer Protection's Business Bureau notes that advertisement in the U.S. must be truthful, not deceptive and not unfair. (Business Chronicle, 2015) It also states that advertising tactics presents challenges that include some unethical subliminal ads and taking advantage of the less educated. We are also looking…...

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