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“Death, destruction, horror, and despair” this is what will happen if the elderly keep on driving. The elderly shouldn’t drive and I’m here to emphasize why. I think old people shouldn’t drive because they cause the most accidents, they are very slow when driving, and they put their own and other lives at risk. They are getting to be a big problem and I think that they should be stopped. How many more people must be hurt until our government finally comes to its senses. The first reason why old people shouldn’t drive is because they cause the most accidents. In my research I found that the elderly 75-85years old cause more accidents than young and reckless adults 16-21(U.S.A. Today). The pro-elderly might say that the elderly don’t know any better and that the government doesn’t require you to take a driving test once you become a senior but whose really to blame (U.S.A Today). The elderly shouldn’t be driving in the first place. Statistics state that as you get older you lose focus and that exactly what is happening they aren’t paying attention (smart motorist). The second reason why the elderly shouldn’t drive is because they are very slow. The speed limit clearly says 65 and they are driving at 15. It really grinds my gears. Studies say that the reason they drive slow is because they take medications that can make them sleepy or drowsy and they have little physical activity (smart motorist). So it’s not completely their fault. But that doesn’t make an excuse for the problem. They shouldn’t drive if they know that they are taking medications that make them sleepy or could make them sleepy. The last reason why old people shouldn’t drive is because they put their own and others lives at risk. I read a comment in an article that said that an elderly woman cut off a girl’s mom and that the girl’s mom had crashed and died (smart motorist) it’s very appalling that anybody can even do that and get away with it. Another thing that I found was that eye sight gets worse as you age and when the elderly drive on a sunny day the sunlight can interfere with the eyes making them lose control. Also that the elderly have poor judgment in making left-hand turns; drifting within the traffic lane; and decreased ability to change behavior in response to an unexpected or rapidly changing situation(smart motorist). All of these things are factors that you have to take into account when the elderly drive. One loss of focus can cause hundreds of car crash injuries and fatalities. In conclusion, seniors shouldn’t drive because they cause the most accidents, they are very slow when driving, and they put their own and other lives at risk. This is very serious problem and I’m not going to sit and wait for somebody to do something. But if I had to find a resolution for this problem I think that both sides can make a resolution and agree that the elderly should take a mandatory test for a renewal of their license and screening could be given to all drivers for whom age-related decline is suspected and whose performance is viewed as a safety concern for themselves and other motorists (smart motorist).

Annotated bibliography
Author: Robert Davis & Anthony DeBarros
Title: older, dangerous drivers a growing problem
Date updated: 5/2/07

Author: N/A
Title: older drivers, elderly drivers, seniors at the wheel
URL: -drives-elderly-driving-seniors-at-the-wheel.htm
Date updated: N/A

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