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The Vice Presidential Debate

The debate between the two parties was truly an amazing one, to see these two debaters have made it very difficult for me to choose a winner, but if I must say based on my perspective of the information put out and how it have been displayed by Mr. Joe Biden, democratic vice president and Mr. Paul Ryan, the republican vice president candidate I would have chosen Mr.
Paul Ryan for three main reasons these reasons are :

His points are very clear and straight forward he stuck by his point even though Mr. Biden was a more experienced candidate than Mr. Ryan they debated about the topics such as taxes,
Medicare , abortion, security, and a lot more topics which was very informative.

The next reason why I think Mr. Ryan is the winner of the debate is that for all these topics which was mention and debated on, I recognized and came to the conclusion that he offered solution which were very suitable and long term goals in which would enable more people to vote for Republican party’s nominee Mr. Mitt Romney.

My final reason for choosing Mr. Ryan is that he was in control of the debate he was very assertive yet polite unlike Mr. Biden who was aggressive and loud, Mr. Ryan was calm and displayed excellent speaking keeping a straight face and while keeping his cool and bring across his point.

In conclusion Mr. Ryan was the winner of the debate because his points were clear and straight forward, he gave solutions to the question noted to him and most importantly he was very calm and in control the entire debate he is surely the better debater that night.

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