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Useful Debating Phrases (in not quite as small print)
(1) 1st Proposition opening, definition, teamline, own arguments (3) 2nd Proposition rebuttal of 1st Opp., rebuild own case, own arguments (5) 3rd Proposition general rebuttal, rebuild own case (8) Proposition Reply (1st or 2nd speaker) biased summary (2) 1st Opposition accepting definition / redefinition, teamline, rebuttal of 1st Proposition, own arguments (4) 2nd Opposition rebuttal of 2nd Prop., rebuild own case, own arguments (6) 3rd Opposition general rebuttal, rebuild own case (7) Opposition Reply (1st or 2nd speaker) biased summary

opening the debate: ● [some nice opening, e.g. quote] on the fact that ... ● Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to ● And our third speaker, ..., will do the this debate. rebuttal. ● Welcome from this side of the rebutting arguments, rebuilding your case: house... ● But before I come to my own ● The motion for debate today is: ... arguments, let us first have a look at defining the motion: what ... has said. ● Now we as today's ● I will continue our case in a minute, proposition/opposition strongly but before that there are some things believe that this is true/not true, but about the ... speech that need to be before we come to our actual addressed. argumentation, let us first define ● The first prop/opposition speaker has some important terms in this debate. told us ...; on the contrary ... ● We believe that what is meant by ... is ● He/She also said that ...; but in fact.. ... / that ... are ... ● He/She was claiming that ...; but as ● When we say ... should ... we mean my first speaker already told you, ... that ... introducing arguments: presenting the teamline: ● Let me come to my ● We as todays proposition/opposition first/second/.../next argument: have structured our case as follows: [concise label of argument] ● I, as the first speaker, will be talking ● My first/... argument is: about ... ● The first/... reason why we're ● Our second speaker, ..., will elaborate prop/opposing this motion is:

explaining arguments: ● Wouldn't you have to agree ...? / ● [rather abstract explanation on how Doesn't what you're saying contradict the argument should work] with ...? / What about the ...? / How giving examples: would you explain, that ... ? ● There are many examples for this/for ● No, thank you, Sir/Madam. ..., for instance. ● Declined. ● In fact, you can find many examples ● Yes, please. / Go ahead. for this in real life. Just think of... ● Thank you very much, Sir/Madam, ● And there are similar cases, such as I'm going to come to this very point ..., ... in my second argument in a minute. ● So in this simple example we can [this is an emergency break] clearly see the effect of ... giving reply speeches: summarizing & linking the argument: ● Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome for ● So as we have seen [argument label], the last time from today's and therefore [motion]. prop/opposition. It is now my ● Now because of this ..., we have to pleasure to summarize this debate, support this motion. take a look at what both sides have summarizing & ending your speech: said and see what the outcome of this ● So Ladies and Gentlemen, what have debate actually is. I told you today? Firstly ..., Secondly.. ● A first/second/... major clash was: ... ● [some nice closing words] Today's prop/opposition told us ...; we ● And for all of these reasons, the had to find ... motion must stand/fall. ● [some particularly nice closing making/rejecting/accepting/answering points words] of information: ● And for all these reasons, I beg you to ● Point of information, Sir/Madam. prop/oppose ● On that point.

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