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Matter: The opposition team’s argument was very much related to their topic. They were also able to explain their motion clearly and briefly. Most of their arguments were also strong and was supported by clear, relevant examples, analogies or statistics. Points of information were also very well raised and answered for most of the members. However, they weren’t able to tie the argument back into the topic. I suggest that it would be easier if as each member speaks, they are able to make a clear division between their arguments to make the audience realize that they’re moving from one topic to the next. This can make the audience fully aware on the different arguments a single member proposed.
The opposition was able to have good volume/vocal style. This includes being able to deliver in the enough pace, they weren’t too slow or too fast. They were also very confident and gave appropriate pauses. I noticed that some members lack hand gestures and eye contact. Eye contact and having appropriate hand gestures is important because it makes the audience understand you more. This also makes the audience more convinced with the things the speaker is saying. Overall, the team was able to engage and I believe they were able to possess good manner.

Method: The opposition was effective to prove their motion. I loved how there was an interesting opening which captured the attention of the audience. However, there are some parts when I felt like they lack consistency or continuity. They were also able to introduce relevant arguments to support their motion. But, the presentation of arguments weren’t that much supported by each team member. They weren’t able to follow on from each other’s argument. Individually, they were able to structure their speeches well. Majority of their members were also knowledgeable with the team’s main topic. Most were also very knowledgeable about what their jobs are. Overall, the opposition’s method was well-organized. Lastly, majority of the opposition’s team was able to gather their thoughts and arguments well in their speeches.

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