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Decision Analysis Task 1

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JGT2 Decision Analysis
Task 1

A.) Recommendation on how to improve current workflow.
It is my recommendation that Shuzworld change their facilities layout to create a better workflow. You can accomplish this by breaking the current structure and reorganizing the workstations to accomplish tasks in a more time efficient manner and maximizing an employees’ time spent on the product. Utilizing the Case Study we can surmise that each eight hour shift must produce forty-eight work boots. 8 hours times 60 minutes equals 480 minutes. 480 minutes (The Work Shift) divided by 48 (the number of work boots required) equals 10. One work boot must be completed in 10 minutes to meet production goals. Let’s take a look at the steps involved in making a work boot so analyze where we can cut production times. Shuzworld's Rugged Wear
Work boot Assembly Schedule | Task | Performance Time
(Minutes) | Predecessors | A | 10 | None | B | 6 | A | C | 3 | A | D | 8 | B,C | E | 3 | D | F | 4 | D | G | 3 | E,F | H | 9 | G | Total time | 46 | |

Using our previous calculations and knowing that a task can take no longer than 10 minutes at each workstation, I believe the workstations should be engineered in a way to maximize the time spent at each station before moving on to the next. The first workstation is currently Task A and will use the maximum allotted time. Workstation 2 can be a combined effort of Tasks B and C, due to their requirement (A) having already been accomplished. This workstation’s time will increase to 9 minutes, which is less than the 10 allotted. Workstation 3 will consist solely of Task D, due to the task taking 8 minutes, the majority of our time. Workstation 4 will consist of tasks E, F, and G. Tasks E and F will have to be completed before G, but in total it will take 10 minutes to complete all three tasks, within our...

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