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Decision Making Analysis Discussion

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Decision Making Analysis Discussion Summary

MGT/230 Management Theory and Practice
Ruby Williams
December 14, 2015
Instructor: Delinda Denslow

* I agree with Valerie’s decision making findings of the Xerox video, because she(Valerie) stated that Anne Mulcahy had to make one of the hardest decisions of shutting down one of the divisions she created to cut costs on the company’s behalf.

* I also agreed with my team member, Valerie for the findings in the video that Anne Mulchy climbed the ladder of success within the company from saleswoman to CEO, and that was recognized as a she-ro.

* I agreed with another one of my team members, John, for his findings of decision making of the Xerox Company’s CEO, Anne Mulchy, stating how one decision the company made may have made the difference in going bankrupt, and emerging from the company’s rough times.

* John also stated his findings to the team from the video that, Anne Mulcahy’s leadership skills played an important part in keeping the company afloat.

* I, Ruby, talked about her findings of decision making within the company stating how Xerox made the right decision in appointing Anne Mulchy, CEO, and then nominating her for the position to be the one to generate new ideas for the company on the company’s behalf to keep the company from being bankrupt. The company also saw her determination skills, expertise, and managerial skills to promote and generate ideas that were in the best interest of the company. Anne Mulcahy had to make the decision of cutting costs and shutting down one of her own creations in order to generate money to another technology to keep the Xerox Company from disastrous events.

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