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Decision - Making Case Study Analysis

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Decision - Making Case Study Analysis
HCS/514 Managing in Today’s Health Care Organizations
August 28, 2015

Introduction The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) produced a set of developmental tools to aid decision makers in discovering and interpreting evidence related decisions. These developmental tools are to promote the use of evidence-based management within a health care setting. The informed decision toolbox was created to help merge the gap between evidence based research and decision making within an organization (Crump & Spurgeon, n.d.). These tools consist of six steps that will guide managers and decision makers in constructing well informed decisions. The steps are composed of; framing the question behind the decision, finding sources of information, assessing the accuracy of information, assessing the applicability of the information, assessing the actionability of the information and determining if the information is adequate are used by managers to consider if the decision they are making is well informed (Young, 2002).
Framing Questions and Locating Sources By framing the question behind the decision, a manager must first identify what the decision is and then determine what information must be obtained in order to make a well informed decision. To properly make a well informed decision, a manager must frame a question that will properly translate what research must be conducted to begin research. The questions will be used as a foundation to set the interested outcomes, discover the population it will affect, and the settings and time frames in which it will take place. This method allows management to make necessary considerations on how the objective will be met to capitalize on the tasks necessary to complete the desired outcome (Rundall & Martelli, 2007). Finding sources of information is a skill that...

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