Decision-Making Case Study

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Decision-making Case Study
Tammy Paramore
March 25, 2013
Norma Wright

Decision-making Case Study
Making decisions in the rapidly changing world of health care is stressful, possessing the correct information is crucial, determining the validity of information even more crucial. In addition, knowing where to obtain accurate information for making informed and reliable determinations will help make these decisions easier. A well informed decision made using the informed decision tool box increases the reliability for producing correct and profitable decisions. These actions will improve the efficiency of provided health care, increase stability, increase production, and decrease the amount spent on health care, in addition, improving the outcomes for both the organization and the patient.
The Informed Decision Toolbox
The informed decision toolbox (IDT), according to Rundell, et al, (2007), has six major steps to use when approaching difficult decisions. 1) framing the management question, 2) finding sources of information, 3) assessing the accuracy of the information, 4) assessing the applicability of the information, 5) assessing the actionability of the evidence, and 6) determining if the information is adequate (p. 325). The IDT system stems from a formal study to find ways to assist management in an efficient and more scientific approach to decision making. Using this approach to decision making will present a causative affect, allowing the decision maker to observe how a major decision will affect the organization. Physicians and nurses have used evidence-based research because the dawn of medicine to research the possible outcomes of treatments and certain medications on a patient's outcome. To have this type of decision-making…...