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Decision Making Courses and How They Relate to Decision Making


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Decision making is the process of choosing among alternative courses of action for the purpose of attaining a certain goal. In this paper I am going to scrutinise a number of courses offered in four different disciplines within a business school and identify how these courses relate with decision making. The conclusions are presented in tabular form.
IVEY Business School and The University of Pennsylvania were my source of information. There school of Business offers many different courses all of them lying under or comprising of the different disciplines that are found in business school. Some of these include:

i. Business, Economics and Public Policy
Course Relation to Decision making Focus Computerized support
Intro to Business Economics Explores the economics and politics of public policy to provide the student with an analytic framework. Policy issues relating to taxation, social security, low-income assistance. High
Financing and Managing Government Covers cost-benefit evaluations which influence decision making. Role of public policy in affecting the efficiency of markets and the distribution of resources in society. High.
Economic Analysis of Law Teaches students how to think as an economist about legal rules and evaluate alternative legal rules. Interpretation of legal rules Moderate
Behavioural Economics, Markets, and Public Policy Applies insights from psychology to the study of economic phenomena and decision making. How psychology plays out in markets, where consumers and firms interact and compete. Moderate
Managerial Economics The application of microeconomic theory to management problems To understand economics in order toanalyse private and public management problems in an economic framework High
Risk Analysis and Environmental Management introduce students to the complexities of making decisions about threats to human health and the

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