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It is always been a great difficulty figuring out who to date. Going through life and figuring out do I follow the wants of my parents in a mate, or should I follow my heart. In my personal romantic life we will be discussing the decision model, of dating, and the social heuristic behind dating. Through this paper there will be details of the incentives of the dating scenario, identify the risks and potential decision biases. Then there will be an in-depth analysis of the scenario where the decisions will be looked and how they impacted the social factors.
Finding a mate is never a easy process. Being part of an Italian family there were many indicators that the family pushes you towards. Being socially awkward, I leaned to the attention to my family because they knew what was good for my well being. Also why would they stray me the wrong way in my life. I had to make many decisions in order to find my mate the only thing on the line was, my heart. So when I mentioned to my family that I was open to the dating world, I was given a list of traits that I need to find in order to find the “ideal mate”. At the time, with my family being an important part of my life, I was open to the idea of finding a mate that would suit my family needs. Of course if these list of demands in my ideal mate were not met, then I would face family disapproval. Which in an Italian household takes a very long time to shake off.
To fully know the incentives was purely find a mate. The idea would be to find someone who fits each detail to my family’s liking. This would be an incentive because then there would be no pressure of meeting the “other person” to my family where there would be a level of disapproval. Understanding these incentives I would say that they were effective in my decision in choosing my mate. I would gladly take a chance to have my family to approve of a mate versus…...

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