Decision Making Process

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Decision making process

It is necessary to understand the concepts of decision making, as they are relevant to the design of the MIS. The Simon Model provides a conceptual design of the MIS and decision making, wherein the designer has to design the system in such a way that the problem is identified in precise terms. That means the data gathered for data analysis should be such that it provides diagnostics and provides a path to bring the problem to surface.

In the design phase of the model, the designer is to ensure that the system provides models for decision-making. These models should provide for the generation of decision alternatives, test them and pave way for the selection of one of them. In a choice phase, the designer must help to select the criteria to select one alternative amongst the many.

The idea of designed selection is the best tool available to the MIS designer, whereby he can transfer selection from a choice manufacturer to the MIS and still maintain the liability and liability with the choice manufacturer or the administrator. In case of non-programmed choices, the MIS should offer the choice assistance techniques to handle the variation in the selection conditions. The choice assistance techniques offer a general model of selection. The idea of selection techniques, such as the shut and the start techniques helps the developer in providing style versatility. The shut techniques are deterministic and guideline based; therefore, the style needs to have limited versatility, while in an start program, the style should be versatile to deal up with the changes required occasionally. The methods of selection can be used directly in the MIS provided the method to be used has been decided. A number of selection issues contact for SEO (Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search…...

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