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Decision Support System Aims to Support Better Business Decision-Making in Telecom Sector of Pakistan

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In Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Business and information technology

Muhammad Taimoor Khalid F09MB023

Contents DECLARATION 6 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 7 Executive Summary 8 INTRODUCTION 9 Decision Support System 10 Telecommunication Sector in Pakistan 13 PROBLEM DEVELOPMENT 14 Significance of the study 15 Study Objectives 15 Research Research Query#s 15 Relevant Variables 16 Dependent variables: 16 Independent variables: 16 Research Hypothesis 16 Hypothesis # 1 16 Hypothesis # 2 16 Hypothesis # 3 17 Hypothesis # 4 17 LITERATURE REVIEW 18 “ 21 “ 21 (Business psychology and organisational behaviour 21 “ 22 “ 22 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 23 Introduction to chapter 24 Research Design: 24 Purpose of research 25 Data Processing and Analysis 25 Primary and Secondary data 25 Regression Equation 26 Comparative Analysis 28 Dss and Comapny 28 Respondent age 28 Respondent sex 29 Respondent Work Experience 29 Respondent Qualification 30 Research Query’s Analysis 31 Research Query# 1 31 Research Query# 2 31 Research Query# 3 31 Research Query# 4 32 Research Query# 5 32 Research Query# 6 32 Research Query# 7 33 Research Query# 8 33 Research Query# 9 33 Research Query# 10 34 Research Query# 11 34 Research Query# 12 34 Research Query# 13 35 Research Query# 14 35 Research Query# 15 35 Research Query# Frequencies 36 Research Query# 1 36 Research Query# 2 37 Research Query# 3 38 Research Query# 4 39 Research Query# 5...

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