Decision Support Systems

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President Barack Obama used a Decision Support System called Neighbor to Neighbor during his 2008 campaign. This DSS contained names, addresses, issues of interest and data to that particular voter, and past voting records of each voter that were undecided in the campaign. This system allowed Obama’s staff members to create effective customized speeches, fliers, etc. that would ultimately convince that particular voter to vote for Obama (Decision Support…).
Decision support systems are being used to influence presidential elections. Mitt Romney for example began a secretive data-mining project, to look through American’s information such as, purchasing history and church attendance in order to identify likely wealthy donors. For his election data-mining project, this will rely on thousands of expensive databases that are legally bought/sold behind the scenes by corporations. This includes credit accounts, families and children, voter registrations, charitable contributions, property tax records, and survey responses. This database combined with marketing data creates a psychographic data analysis, which then flushes out Americans consumer behavior and habits.
Decision Support Services (DSS) is technology that is available to turn your sales data and statistics into efficient management tools and organized reports. One useful DSS offerings is provided via IMSMART which allows your company to customize reports based off of the information you’re interested in. IMSMART offers Dashboard and Alert Reports, Retailer Reports, Ranking Reports, Replenishment Reports, Item Reports, and Segment Reports. IMSMART is an enterprise-wide data system that allows you go integrate and manage outside data sources and is cloud-based. This system allows the user(s) to share with retail/supply partners in all the above reports, plans, and promotional activities (Welcome to Decision…).…...