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Decision to Pursue an Mba

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Decision to Pursue an MBA
Dexter G. Ronquillo
18 July 2010
Kate Stowe

At present, I am the Detachment Leading Petty Officer in my division. My job involves a lot of planning and deals mostly with administrative side of the house. My division is the one in charge of supporting various squadrons with high priority missions in various locations. As the Detachment LPO, it is my duty to make sure that the equipments we are sending out in different sites will perform according to what they are designed for and will last throughout the entire deployment. In view of the fact that there are only few personnel who can go and perform maintenance on the equipments, plus, there is only limited parts and supplies that goes with it, I have to make sure that all necessary maintenance, scheduled or unscheduled, are conducted prior to shipping the gears. That involves the planning that I mentioned earlier, which is new to me because this is my first time to have such type of responsibility for I am working on a different level in my previous command. I also have to deal with my chain of command more often at this moment because I report to them directly. We always have meetings and conferences. The higher ups are always discussing wide scope of projects, budgets, and a lot of administrative matters. Most of the time, I cannot understand the way their communication goes because of lack of business or administrational background. With this abrupt change in my responsibility, which now I know will come along as I go to a higher pay grade; I finally decided to do something to catch up with it. Thus, taking up higher level of degree came to my mind. Because I am currently engaged on the aviation side of the Navy, I decided to enroll at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with Air Transportation Management that will also be in line with my...

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