Decisions in Paradise, Part 3

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Business Scenario Pt. 3 - Kaiser in Kava
Yvonne Richardson

Implementation of a decision is necessary for any organization to move in the direction of accomplishing its planned objective. Monitoring and evaluation of the decision is also needed to have an effective implementation. What improves the performance of an organization is evaluating decisions. Evaluating decisions will inform the organization if the solution that was implemented met the objectives of the organization. This paper will discuss the logic and strategy for implementing a solution to Kaiser Permanente establishing a presence on the Island of Kava. The paper will also discussed is the influence of implementing and evaluating the resources and procedures vital for decision-making, and evaluates the ethical implications of a solution from the perspective of stakeholders.
The mission of Kaiser Permanente is to provide high quality, affordable healthcare services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve (Crane, 2002). Kaiser feels the essential components for an organization to be successful on the Island of Kava is the commitment to satisfying their customers, increase the value of their shareholder, and boosting initiatives of the community are. Kaiser’s top and mid level management team have approved the proposal to build a first-rate medical facility on Kava. Creating a greater presence on Kava is one of the main goals to the resolution that Kaiser will put into action. The success of this resolution will be measured against the mission statement of Kaiser Permanente and the main goal. This is to ensure that Kaiser can accomplish its main goal, and meet the founder’s visualization and pledge to give back to the Island of Kava.
In order for the endeavor to be successful Kaiser needs to execute a comprehensive plan that will implement their…...

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